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Welcome to Kamerkloof, a living farm nestled in the heart of the Baviaanskloof Hartland, renowned for its biodiversity, rich human history, unparalleled uniqueness, and warm Klowenaar hospitality. Embraced by the stunning landscapes of the Baviaanskloof mountains, our premier destination offers eco-experiences that bring you closer to nature alongside carefully restored historic houses. Our well-informed hosts ensure your stay is unforgettable, with tastefully appointed rooms and houses seamlessly blending modern amenities with the local sense of local style. Each space offers breathtaking views, reflecting the natural beauty of a Unesco World Heritage Site. At Kamerkloof, we take pride in our single-origin olive products, harvested and produced on-site, allowing food enthusiasts to savour a true connection to the Baviaanskloof landscape where our olive trees flourish. Join us for our monthly community market days, where you can experience the vibrant local culture, indulge in our delicious offerings and enjoy the captivating Kamertjie Gallery.

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All Mountain Bikers travelling through the Baviaanskloof receive a 10% discount with us!
accommodation baviaanskloof

Kamerkloof the living farm

Kamerkloof's protected areas are accessible to our GUESTS only
Kamerkloof is dedicated to ensuring the longevity of our business for generations to come by responsibly managing our impact on the environment and community. While biodiversity conservation is promoted so too are sustainable farming practices. As such, farming and conservation work hand in hand.

Caring for Nature and sharing with people


Extraordinary Biodiversity


The Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve has been designated as a World Heritage Site because of its outstanding natural beauty and globally important biodiversity. The uniqueness of the area is that it is geographically located in a transition zone between various ecosystems. It hosts seven of the eight national biomes. Additionally, it is home to three globally recognized hotspots.

accommodation baviaanskloof

Living in Harmony with Nature

Care for nature and committed to responsible farming practices
Kamerkloof is located on a living olive farm and is currently carrying out mixed farming. The farm's main focus is olive oil production. The farm's enterprise also includes small scale sheep farming.  . Kamerkloof is the first farm in the history of the Baviaanskloof to start with olive farming. The Studtis Olive Trust planted seven different cultivars from 1998.

Reservations and Enquires


Cell: +27 (0) 83 602 1253 (WhatsApp)

Landline: +27 (0) 87 700 4466

SA Olive Gold Winner
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