Kamerkloof is a soulful place of revitalisation, harmony, and beauty. We are a living farm located in the Baviaanskloof Hartland area that is widely recognised for its extraordinary biodiversity, human history, uniqueness and friendly Klowenaars. In the Eastern Cape, in the most southern region of Africa, the magnificent Baviaanskloof is situated. This narrow valley of about 200 km long, is surrounded by steep rock formations and high mountain plains. The Baviaanskloof is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has three biodiversity hotspots and seven biomes.


At Kamerkloof our heartfelt hospitality, well-informed hosts, carefully restored historical houses and eco-experiences close to nature make us a premier destination in the Baviaanskloof. Tasteful in every detail and appointed with modern amenities, our rooms and houses are spacious with beautiful scenery that reflects the local sense of style and offers spectacular views of the majestic Baviaanskloof mountains and Studtis farming community.  We harvest and produce olive products from a sustainable landscape that allows our consumers to feel meaningfully connected to the Baviaanskloof landscape where our olive trees are grown.


Kamerkloof is a safe haven for all life. While biodiversity conservation is promoted so too are regenerative farming practices. As such, farming and conservation work hand in hand. We are committed to protecting predator species with a special interest in the rare Cape mountain leopard by increasing suitable habitat for leopards in the Baviaanskloof. Kamerkloof is an authentic Baviaanskloof experience where we are creating partnerships to restore an important water catchment area, improving the livelihoods of the Baviaanskloof people and essentially connected to a beautiful landscape as friends of the earth.

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SA Olive Gold Award Winners 2021
Award winning accommodation
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Four hiking trails, including the historical Voetpadsekloof
Discover natural, cultural and human history
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Explore a living farm rich in biodiversity!
Luxury accommodation at the Baviaanskloof Landhuis
Baviaanskloof Accommodation at Kamerkloof, Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve
Kids u11 stay for free at Studtis Huis!
Ideal accommodation for family travel and groups
accommodation baviaanskloof
All Mountain Bikers travelling through the Baviaanskloof receive a 10% discount with us!
Connect with the beautiful people of the Baviaanskloof
Meet and learn more about the Klowenaars from the Baviaanskloof
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Kamerkloof Conservation

Kamerkloof's protected areas are accessible to our GUESTS only
Kamerkloof is dedicated to ensuring the longevity of our business for generations to come by responsibly managing our impact on the environment and community. While biodiversity conservation is promoted so too are sustainable farming practices. As such, farming and conservation work hand in hand.

Caring for Nature and sharing with people


Extraordinary Biodiversity


The Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve has been designated as a World Heritage Site because of its outstanding natural beauty and globally important biodiversity. 


The uniqueness of the area is that it is geographically located in a transition zone between various ecosystems. It hosts seven of the eight national biomes. Additionally, it is home to three globally recognized hotspots.

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Living in Harmony with Nature

Care for nature and committed to responsible farming practices
Kamerkloof is located on a living olive farm and is currently carrying out mixed farming. The farm's main focus is olive oil production. The farm's enterprise also includes small scale sheep farming.  . Kamerkloof is the first farm in the history of the Baviaanskloof to start with olive farming. The Studtis Olive Trust planted seven different cultivars from 1998.

Reservations and Enquires

Email: nagoena@mweb.co.za

Cell: +27 (0) 83 602 1253 (WhatsApp)

Landline: +27 (0) 87 700 4466

SA Olive Gold Winner
Kamerkloof Heritage Centre
Kamerkloof Heritage Centre

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Baviaanskloof Landhuis
Baviaanskloof Landhuis

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Tucked away on an olive farm
Tucked away on an olive farm

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Kamerkloof Heritage Centre
Kamerkloof Heritage Centre

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