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Kamerkloof Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre at Kamerkloof is dedicated to the beautiful Baviaanskloof people of yesterday and today.  The Heritage Centre is not only a building, but a place to remind us of the people who made the Baviaanskloof community for what it is today. The Heritage Centre lies in the heart of the Studtis Community and Baviaanskloof Hartland.


The Heritage Centre provides an opportunity to gain wonderful insight into the fascinating history of the Baviaanskloof people. The Baviaanskloof's rich heritage is a great source of interest for our GUESTS. The Kamerkloof Heritage Centre brings a deep appreciation of many fascinating aspects of the Baviaanskloof Reserve, the Baviaanskloof Hartland and its history and heritage. A section of the Heritage Centre is an olive room where GUESTS can arrange tastings and learn more about olive farming and the story of olives. The Heritage Centre also proudly houses a restored Clayton Shuttleworth Thresher from Lincolnshire, England. The thresher or combine harvester was used at Kamerkloof and on neighbouring farms. The thresher is almost 100 years old.


The Heritage Centre can be booked for workshops, training programmes and special events. Please contact us for private venue hire options.

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