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Our GUESTS who visit Kamerkloof are stunned by its combination of natural beauty and history – the abundant biodiversity, the thriving flora and the undisturbed habitats in an area with an abundance of history. One look is all it takes to understand why people come here the first time, but it’s our approach to conservation and preservation that explains why people come back time and time again.


96% of the property is completely undisturbed, with the beauty of the Baviaanskloof allowed to shine through so you can experience and explore the untouched beauty of the landscape. Kamerkloof is very much a place where farming and conservation work hand in hand. Kamerkloof and Studtis community will serve to complete your education on the history and people of the Baviaanskloof. P.H Nortje, one of South Africa's acclaimed authors, was born in this area and his epics 'Voetpad se Kloof' and 'Die Wildedruif Val' are dedicated to the life and struggle of the people of the Baviaanskloof.


The historical Anglo-Boer War 'Voetpadsekloof' trail has been restored to its former glory. The trail is available for Kamerkloof GUESTS only. Among the highlights is the 'Damsekloof' slot canyon adventure trail with chain ladders. Both trails can be reached easily from all the accommodation at Kamerkloof. Take a donkey cart ride from Kamerkloof to the springs at Sewefontein and see the huge, gnarled, wild fig trees. If you are interested in the paintings left by the San and Khoisan such art can be seen by prior arrangement with Kamerkloof Management. Spot Verreux (Black) Eagles from your patio, learn about the history and heritage in this historical place and see the shepherds bring in the sheep every evening with a chance of seeing a newborn lamb.


And for those who want to learn and discover more, the Kamerkloof Heritage Centre offering insights and knowledge about the Baviaanskloof and the farm. For those who interpret the phrase family holiday literally, Kamerkloof offers a variety of activities designed to bring the entire family together. From board games and a variety of games at Studtis Huis to short trail expeditions and day-long adventures spanning the complete spectrum of the farm and special areas of Kamerkloof to appreciate nature and life on an olive farm, the possibilities are truly endless.

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Kamerkloof Activities and Highlights


Donkey Cart Rides

Tennis Court and Lawn Pétanque

Games at Studtis Huis




Chain-ladder Trail in Damsekloof


Sundowners Koppie and Plaas Stappie

Anglo-Boer Trail in Voetpadsekloof


E-clear chlorine free swimming pool


Swimming Reservoirs

Potjiekos Evenings

Free Mountain Bike Usage


Kamertjie Art Gallery


Heritage Centre


Restored Old Studtis Police Station and Cells


Stargazing and Night Sky Watching


Olive Oil Tastings 

Kamerkloof Heritage Centre
Kamerkloof Heritage Centre

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Baviaanskloof Landhuis
Baviaanskloof Landhuis

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Tucked away on an olive farm
Tucked away on an olive farm

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Kamerkloof Heritage Centre
Kamerkloof Heritage Centre

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