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Eating local in the Baviaanskloof is Lekker!

Baviaanskloof Accommodation - Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve

Living Healthy and Loving Olives at Kamerkloof

Baviaanskloof Accommodation - Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve
Baviaanskloof Accommodation - Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve

Nestled in the heart of Baviaanskloof, Kamerkloof stands as a pioneer in olive farming within the region, marking its inception with the Studtis Olive Trust's introduction of seven diverse olive cultivars in 1998. This thriving olive farm, renowned for its land management innovation and care for nature, dedicates its efforts primarily to high-quality olive oil production while embracing small-scale sheep farming.

At Kamerkloof, we extend an exclusive meal experience to Guests of the Baviaanskloof Landhuis and Studtis Huis, delivering a taste of the farm's essence right to your doorstep. Our diverse meal offerings, from the beloved lamb potjies and dishes crafted from locally sourced lamb to various vegetarian and vegan options, cater to all dietary needs, including gluten-free preferences. Our commitment to quality and freshness guarantees a memorable meal experience, emphasising the importance of healthy, locally sourced ingredients.

Understanding the significance of your special occasions, Kamerkloof offers versatile spaces across the Kamerkloof Heritage Centre, Baviaanskloof Landhuis, and Studtis Huis, perfect for hosting family gatherings, workshops, birthday celebrations, product launches, and anniversaries. We pride ourselves on accommodating large groups and special interest gatherings, ensuring each event is as unique as our Guests.

Please inform us before your arrival to allow us to tailor our services to your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience at Kamerkloof.

Baviaanskloof Accommodation - Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve

Dinner Experience - Enjoy a full four-course dinner at R280 per person. Each meal is meticulously prepared to offer a memorable dining experience.


Breakfast Delights - Start your day with a complete farm breakfast featuring a variety of options to suit every palate at R180 per person.


Children’s Specials - (For children under 11 years old):
Dinner & Breakfast Combo: A special selection of kid-friendly meals at R150 per meal. Our children's menu caters to our younger guests' tastes and nutritional needs.

Meal Availability - Our meals are exclusively available for Guests at Baviaanskloof Landhuis and Studtis Huis. Please note that Wildedruifhuisie offers self-catering for those who prefer to prepare meals.

Self-Catering - Every accommodation option at Kamerkloof has full self-catering facilities, ensuring Guests enjoy the convenience of preparing their meals in the comfort of their lodging. These amenities cater to those who prefer the flexibility of dining in, with facilities designed to meet the needs of both individual travellers and groups. Guests can take advantage of well-appointed kitchens, braai (barbecue) areas, and dining spaces that make meal preparation a breeze while enjoying the natural beauty and tranquillity of the Baviaanskloof Hartland.

Baviaanskloof Accommodation - Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve
Baviaanskloof Accommodation - Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve
Baviaanskloof Accommodation - Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve
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