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Baviaanskloof Accommodation - Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve
Baviaanskloof Accommodation - Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve

Why choose Kamerkloof for small groups?

Travelling with friends, family, or co-workers always makes for a good time. But with so many things to think about in our world, organising a group trip can be daunting. But don't fear; help is at hand! If you need assistance with your group travel, leave the planning to us. We take care of the details to improve the experience and safety of your group.

Kamerkloof is aware that the Baviaanskloof is "Off The Beaten Track". Our hosts and reservations experts at Kamerkloof have exceptional local knowledge of geography, the people, road conditions and facilities in the Baviaanskloof. The accommodation and facilities at Kamerkloof have taken care of the details. Kamerkloof prides itself on creating inherently social spaces. That means plenty of well-designed private spaces for your group to hang out, relax or get together. Kamerkloof can accommodate up to 30 GUESTS in different houses around the farm.

Flexible accommodation at great prices: Kamerkloof has enough private spaces to accommodate small groups away from crowds. We have a mixture of family and private rooms with a choice of ensuite or shared bathrooms, so we should have something to suit your set-up or budget. Excellent facilities: well-equipped self-catering kitchens, dining areas, lounges, beautiful garden spaces and stoeps mean that your group should have everything they need to make Kamerkloof their home away from home. Our houses have especially been designed for small groups.


Historic buildings: Kamerkloof GUESTS stay in beautiful,  carefully restored historic buildings, meaning that your group can immerse itself in the history of the Baviaanskloof. Kamerkloof is committed to a culturally, socially and responsible travel style. Travelling this way, you will contribute more directly to local economies in the Baviaanskloof to revitalise rural places and have more opportunities to meet the locals of Kamerkloof and the Baviaanskloof.


Meals, olives, farm bread, and donkey rides are all made from the hands of Klowenaars, which makes your stay genuinely local. It also means you experience more local culture, which isn't always possible when just passing through the Baviaanskloof. There are plenty of options regarding services we can offer your group. These include breakfasts and memorable dining experiences. Our reservations expert will be more than happy to chat through the options with you.


Ready to get your private group into Kamerkloof?


Kamerkloof happily welcomes all types of groups' needs. We have special rates, our booking expert to help lift the load off your shoulders and an assortment of tailored group services designed to make your life easier before you leave for the Baviaanskloof. Kamerkloof has a host of activities that are ideal for groups on holiday. Our friendly hosts, beloved team and well-informed reservations expert mean there's always someone on hand to answer questions and help you plan your Baviaanskloof adventure or onward travel.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us! We'd love to hear from you.

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