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Experience Life in the Baviaanskloof Hartland Community


Our community is well and alive in the Baviaanskloof Hartland. The Baviaanskloof is well-known for its natural splendour which attracts nature lovers from around the globe. This is however not all the area has to offer as artists and entrepreneurs flourish under the Karoo sun and create points of interest well-worth the journey off the beaten track. Below is a recommended list from Kamerkloof of local products of the Baviaanskloof manufactured by or services offered by small and developing businesses in the area. These Klowenaars are self-taught and many have spent their entire lives honing their craft. Let the Baviaanskloof take you on a wonderful journey of development and growth while meeting the beautiful and unique people of the area:


Babes se Winkel en Studtis Postkantoor


Babes se Winkel is located directly across from Kamerkloof. A gentle five-minute walk from Kamerkloof. Babes se Winkel is one of only two traditional trading stores in the heart of the Western Baviaanskloof - a shop that will transport you back in time into an era akin to the 1950s. The shop is well stocked with fresh produce at reasonable prices. If you forgot something from home or would like to buy something local this is a good place to stock up your provisions. Teas and refreshments can be ordered in the garden next to the shop. It doubles as the Studtis Post Office agency and the Co-op for the local farmers and community.


Kamerkloof's Farming Neighbours - Seven Fountains and Wild Fig Tree Forest


Sewefontein Community Farm is situated in the Baviaanskloof and is collectively owned by 75 shareholders. The farm was bought in 2002 and boasts seven natural springs where tourists can sample the fresh mountain water and take a hike along with the fountains. It also includes a unique forest of old wild fig trees. Guided tours are offered through this treasured forest. There are also picnic spots on offer as well as camping sites in a nearby Kloof. Patrick Ruiters offers guided walks to show a guest the artesian borehole as well as the Wild Fig Tree Forest. He is based at the Seven Fountains Tourist Info Office. The local municipality has financed constructed in 2011 and has initiated a local community tourism development that is managed by residents of the farm Sewefontein.


Sewefontein and the Wild Fig Forest boardwalk is a 2 min drive or 10 min bicycle ride from Kamerkloof.


Faungarb by Donald Grewar at Tchnuganoo


Faungarb presents a collection of unique handmade leather gear for the outdoor enthusiast. Faungarb's gear is handcrafted from the finest quality materials and made without the use of electricity, therefore with a smaller carbon footprint. Donald is the creative genius behind all of Faungarb's works. He has been dedicated to the art of leather craft for the last eight years. He prefers to work with thick vegetable tanned leather which adds quality and durability to all of his items. The majority of his creations are hand-stitched because he believes that a machine cannot substitute for quality and attention to detail. As for neatness, well there is no telling the difference really except that his rickety old 1921 Singer boot-patching machine can't make a straighter than line than he can. Donald resides in the Baviaanskloof where he finds inspiration for all of his work which is targeted at the outdoor enthusiast. He has been living off the grid for the last five years and finds no conflict between his lifestyle and his work, making leather gear pretty much the same way it was done hundreds of years ago.


Donald's leather workshop is located on a neighbouring farm called Tchnuganoo next to Kamerkloof.


Baviaanskloof Honey at Bo Kloof


Quintis' love of bees and honey is part of his heritage as can be seen on the label with the Bezuidenhout family coat of arms on it. He is the proud owner of over 200 hives in the Baviaanskloof. He was also involved as a mentor in a project to help 5 members of the local community get their own apiaries into production. The Baviaanskloof is world-famous for the amazing variety of plant species found there, the result of seven biomes converging. Baviaanskloof honey is produced from a mixture of Karoo succulents like Aloe ferox; Fynbos; and plants from the subtropical thicket, Nama Karoo and Grassland biomes found on the farm. The bees also get nectar from lucerne which is our main crop and pesticide-free. The honey is produced and bottled on the farm. You can buy it on the farm, in Willowmore, Uniondale, Patensie and at quite a few outlets on the Garden Route.


Quintis & Anina farm at Bo Kloof, a fifteen-minute scenic drive or thirty-minute cycle through Studtis Poort from Kamerkloof.


Vero's Restaurant


Vero’s Restaurant offers travellers local cuisine such as roosterkoek with a variety of fillings. Veronica Maganie has been running the restaurant since 2005 with the help of her family and goes a long way to support the household. The restaurant is one of the few found in the area. A small craft shop can also be found opposite the restaurant.


Baviaanskloof Craft Shop


The Baviaanskloof Craft Shop, built from organic material, is situated opposite Vero’s Restaurant. The small craft shop sells local arts & crafts, homemade cookies, fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruit, nuts and refreshments. Other Baviaanskloof related items such as T-Shirts are also on sale.


Baviaanskloof Drama Group


The Zaaymanshoek community was approached by Cacadu District Municipality three years ago to perform at a TB Awareness Day. They quickly formed a drama group for the event and proved to be very successful. After this, Baviaans Municipality also approached them to perform at various events and awareness days. Since then, they have been practising as a group and are eager to perform as requested. The group consists of ages from 16 to 40 and all are from Zaaymanshoek. Contact Kamerkloof for more details and availability.

Botany of the Baviaanskloof Group


Anyone who has visited the Baviaanskloof and fell in love with its plant diversity and spectacular scenery will enjoy this group. Share Baviaanskloof flower photos, information and inquiries on this facebook page. This is the place where you can network as well as enjoy the wonder of this remote but magical paradise (Author Magriet Kruger).

Source: Baviaans Tourism

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