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There are two ways to approach the Baviaanskloof

Baviaanskloof Accommodation - Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve

Kamerkloof GPS Coordinates

Latitude: -33.54405 South

Longitude: 23.98569 East

Elevation 508m

Studtis, Baviaanskloof Hartland

Baviaanskloof Accommodation - Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve
Closest airport to Kamerkloof
George Airport - 197km
Closest town is Willowmore - 77km

Entering from the Eastern side of the Baviaanskloof


Continue on the R332 through the Gamtoos valley from Patensie. The road will eventually become gravel.  The journey to Kamerkloof can take anything up to 5 hours from Patensie. You will travel through some majestic scenery over 3 mountain passes and cross the Baviaanskloof River many times. 


You will be asked a small fee per vehicle from Easter Cape Parks Board (ECPTA). But drive slowly and carefully and keep on your side of the road when going around corners. A high-clearance vehicle is needed for this route. In times of high water and flooding, a true 4X4 with a low range is needed. We will inform you if this is required before your departure.


At Kleinpoort there is a General Dealer. You can’t mistake the old Shell petrol sign outside. Kamerkloof is 7 kms from Kleinpoort.  You will pass Saaimanshoek and see the rugby field on the right.  The Kamerkloof entrance is directly opposite 'Babes se Winkel'. Look out for a brown and white sign "Kamerkloof, Baviaanskloof Hartland ” on your right.


Entering from the Western side of the Baviaanskloof


If you are travelling southwards on the N9 North of Willowmore enter Baviaanskloof using the dirt road 3kms south of Willowmore (R332). If you are travelling Northwards on the N9 from George, Oudtshoorn, De Rust or Uniondale take the Baviaanskloof/Vaalwater turn-off. This turnoff is approximately 30km North of Uniondale also on the N9.  Do not use the Hartbeesrivier/Baviaanskloof turn-off from the N9. Once you have taken the Vaalwater turnoff, you travel for about 20 mins and will come to a T-junction. Turn left there, and travel for another 15 mins passing the Vaalwater Lodge before reaching another T-junction. A 'Willowmore-Baviaanskloof' sign. Turn right here to 'Baviaanskloof'. 


Once you pass the sign for Beacosnek you will be entering the area we call the Studtispoort. Once you exit this poort you will pass a turnoff to your right to Sewefontein and perhaps have noticed a sign, ‘Sewefontein Gemeenskapsplaas’. Our entrance is about 300m from here, on the left. Our guest house sign and turn-off is directly opposite ‘Babes-se-winkel’. Look out for a brown and white sign “Kamerkloof, Baviaanskloof Hartland ” on your left.


Kamerkloof is 80 km on a dirt road, using either approach (the Vaalwater road or from Willowmore.  It is situated at Studtis on the R332. The total journey time on the dirt road is approximately one and a half hours. 'Studtis' is found on any National or Google map.


Kamerkloof is located at the Western end of the Baviaanskloof allowing easy access for all types of vehicles from Uniondale and Willowmore.
Baviaanskloof Accommodation - Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve
Below is an indication of approximate travel times as well as a table with distances. Please note that this depends on stop times as well as the driver.  Use it rather as the minimum time required to travel through the Baviaanskloof. 
Approximate travel times and distance  through the Baviaanskloof
Willowmore to Nuwekloof                   44 km                35min
Willowmore to Studtis se Poort        78 km                1hr20min
Willowmore to Sandvlakte                 98 km               1hr 45min
Willowmore to Geelhoutbos              108 km               2hrs
Willowmore to Doodsklip                   135 km               2hr 30min
Willowmore to Patensie                      197 km               5½ to 6 hrs
Kamerkloof to Reserve Gate:      Approximately 20 min
Kamerkloof to Willowmore          80 Km  1hr30 min scenic drive
Baviaanskloof Accommodation - Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve
Read the below table according to your travel direction i.e. when traveling from Willowmore read the table from the bottom upwards. Accumulative distance in Kilometres:
Patensie to Willowmore     Km      Trip         Km          Willowmore to Patensie


Patensie to Andrieskraal                16            16             196.8              Andrieskraal to Patensie


Andrieskraal to Komdomo             24             8              180.8              Komdomo to Andrieskraal


Komdomo to Cambria                     35            11            172.8               Cambria to Komdomo


Cambria to Poortjies                       40.5          5.5          161.8                Poortjies to Cambria


Poortjies to Bergplaas                    51.1          10.6         156.3                Berplaas to Poortjies


Bergplaas to Doodsklip                 62.1           11           145.7               Doodsklip to Bergplaas


Doodsklip to Rooihoek                   64             1.9          134.7               Rooihoek to Doodsklip


Rooihoek to Smitskraal                 67.7            3.7         132.8              Smitskraal to Rooihoek


Smitskraal to Geelhoutbos            88.7            21          129.1             Geelhoutbos to Smitskraal


Geelhoutbos to Sandvlakte           98.7            10          108.1             Sandvlakte to Geelhoutbos


Sandvlakte to Klein Poort              118.7           14          98.1               Kleinpoort to Sandvlakte


Klein Poort to Studtis Poort           132.7           6            87                  Studtis Poort to Kleinpoort


Studtis Poort to Makkedaat          147.2          28.5        78.1               Makkedaat to Studtis Poort


Makkedaat to Nuwekloof              159.2          12           49.6                Nuwekloof to Makkedaat


Nuwekloof to N9                              190.8          31.6        37.6               Turnoff to Nuwekloof


N9 To Willowmore                            196.8           6              6                   Willowmore to Turnoff

Baviaanskloof Accommodation - Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve
Baviaanskloof Accommodation - Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve
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