Why choose Kamerkloof ?

Conservation minded and genuine stewardship - to preserve and protect


One important aspect of Kamerkloof is to manage this place such that it will maintain and enhance its biodiversity. For thousands of years, the land in the Kloof has been managed: hunted for food; burned - incidentally or deliberately; timbered for wood; grazed by livestock; preserved and protected by the people who love to be here. These conservation and stewardship efforts continue under the Kamerkloof team's custodianship in all the areas of the property. 


Our management goals vary depending on specific habitats and the species which live there. Our goals are simple: to maximise the biodiversity of this beautiful and unique landscape that we care about. Therefore, Kamerkloof is dedicated to ensuring our business's longevity for generations to come by responsibly managing our impact on the environment and our community.


While biodiversity conservation is promoted, so are regenerative farming practices as such, farming and conservation work hand in hand. Kamerkloof is proudly committed to protecting predators with a particular interest in providing suitable habitat for the endangered Cape mountain leopard. All endangered plants and animals at Kamerkloof are protected. 


Kamerkloof is a living farm and part of a greater network


Living landscapes exhibit a variety of healthy ecosystems, and land uses and is home to ecological, agricultural and social systems that are managed so that they function sustainably. This ensures that natural and cultural resources are available for future generations. To create living landscapes, Kamerkloof believes it is crucial to develop and create locally-driven learning networks that facilitate experience and knowledge exchange, trust-building, mutual understanding, collaboration and compassion. Throughout the years, Kamerkloof has continued to research and implement sustainable management solutions to improve the performance of the farming activities, protect the environment and revitalise our rural Baviaanskloof community.


Kamerkloof's vision is to implement conservation principles that work hand in hand with regenerative agricultural practices and land restoration initiatives. Kamerkloof removed their livestock from the veld over twenty-five years ago. Kamerkloof continues to protect areas on the farm and have three beautiful untouched kloofs/slot canyons on the property. Kamerkloof currently carries out mixed farming and doesn't just focus on olive production. In the Baviaanskloof, olives groves are situated in the bottomlands where the soils are deepest. Kamerkloof is the first farm in the history of the Baviaanskloof to start with olive farming. Kamerkloof planted 5000 trees (seven different cultivars) from 1998. Other farm enterprises at Kamerkloof which we are passionative about include small scale sheep farming, eco-tourism and a small art gallery called Kamertjie.

Kamerkloof's location in the Baviaanskloof Hartland is a jewel


Our location is unique: a secluded olive farm encircled by old mountains and unspoiled scenery in the surrounds of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kamerkloof overlooks a magnificent slot canyon, an imposing feature that dominates the Studtis Community's landscape and that can be seen from almost every corner of the farm.


For those interested in nature and discovery, we offer bird watching, historical hiking trails and tours of the olive orchards and cultural sites. Kamerkloof has many peaceful and quiet areas to relax and re-energise for those looking for healing and wellness. Kamerkloof is ideally located near a few very well-known 4X4 trails in the Baviaanskloof. Kamerkloof highly recommends these 4X4 trails which are also well known within the 4x4 community. The start of these recommended trails is a fifteen-minute drive from Kamerkloof. Kamerkloof is also the ideal place to mount trips to the Baviaanskloof Reserve or a place of rest to break the journey.

Kamerkloof is a place of nature where life moves slower to allow time to rekindle old relationships and start new ones. Kamerkloof is an authentic place and part of the beautiful Baviaanskloof journey. A place that respects the social and ecological balance of one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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Baviaanskloof Hartland,

Studtis, Cape Floristic Kingdom,

South Africa, 6451


Cell: +27 (0) 83 602 1253


Landline: +27 (0) 87 700 4466



Latitude: -33.54405 South

Longitude: 23.98569 East







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